Ceramics 2 students craft bowls for Empty Bowl Dinner


Mr. Hooton and his Ceramics 2 students pose with their bowls they made for the Empty Bowl Dinner.

Recently, Mr. Hooton’s Ceramics 2 students made 16 bowls for the annual Empty Bowl Dinner in Philadelphia. The bowls are given to the people who attend it.

The Empty Bowl Dinner is a fundraiser for PIHN (Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network). HIN is a shelter, supportive services, and housing program for Philadelphia working families experiencing homelessness.  The program’s purpose is to help raise money for the homeless. They also take other donations such as clothes. The ceramics class helped people in need, but also expressed their artistic abilities. Sharing their skill, this can inspire others to do the same.

Pittsburgh’s Empty Bowls draws more than 1,500 people to the event and more than $500,000 was raised to fight hunger. Tickets cost $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 3-12. The next event will be March 18th from 1-6pm. Some of Pittsburgh’s top restaurants cook soup for this event. This event also includes: a silent auctions of ceramic art and celebrity-autographed bowls, live music, children’s activities, and soup to go.