New student “berry” disappointed with school store

When new student Terryn Ross overheard her classmates talking about the Bean and Berry, she was curious.

As she walked down the halls of BPHS, making her way closer to Bean and Berry, she found herself overwhelmed with excitement.

“I thought it was pretty extraordinary for a high school to sell beans and berries but I didn’t really question it. I was just happy to finally have have a school store where I can get all of my blueberries,” Ross said.

Though as she attempted to receive her blueberries, she quickly found out that they didn’t sell beans or berries to satisfy her taste buds. Disappointed, Ross just grabbed her usual Lucky Charms cereal and headed off to journalism.

“I was completely shocked and let down when the store didn’t have any beans or berries. I wasn’t mad, just disappointed. I needed answers. Why name a school store something that has nothing to do with the school or what they sell? Why lead people on like this? It made absolutely no sense. I was genuinely confused.”

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