The Hawk cry will soon dismiss students from class

You’ve heard the Hawk cry at home football games.  Well, now you’ll hear it multiple times a day during school.

The bells that usually ring in between periods are scheduled to soon be replaced with the Hawk cry.

After much consideration, our students and faculty believe that unless the bells are replaced, Bethel Park isn’t showing enough school spirit for our mascot the Hawk.

“The bells we have now are not acceptable; we are the Hawks and our school needs to represent,” sophomore Regan Gray said.

The new bells are pre-recorded cries of our mascot at the National Aviary.

“To get the recording was actually quite easy, we just began to scream at it (the hawk) until it started to cry,” said Aviary employee.

The new bell will be many octaves higher than the old one ensuring that everyone will truly know when class begins and ends.

If the bell doesn’t dismiss you, the Hawk cry sure will.

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