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You may have seen that small, aggressive, yet energetic sophomore walking down the halls singing religious music.  Is Lizzy Partsch the first name that comes to your mind?  If it is then you’d be right!

You may know that she is girl of many talents.  Some of her favorite after-school activities are cross country and musical.  She also enjoys playing basketball with her neighbors, singing, watching TV, and eating.  

“I’m surprised I’m not fat yet!” said Lizzy jokingly.

Lizzy also has a huge interest in her taste buds.  Her favorite things to eat are ice cream and french fries and her favorite class is lunch.

When asked about her music tastes, Lizzy said that she listens to a wide range of music.  However, her favorite bands are U2, Journey, Maroon 5, and Green Day.  And her favorite musicians are Adele and Michael Jackson.

Lizzy also likes animals.  Some of her favorites are dogs, frogs, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, and elephants.

Lizzy is extremely competitive which she considers to be both a strength and a weakness.  And even though Lizzy has a tendency to be very negative, she's still outgoing, funny, and adventurous.

Lizzy really enjoys writing which is why she took journalism.  She felt that journalism would be a good experience.  She hopes to bring quality writing and new outtakes to BPHS’s newspaper.  Lizzy believes that journalism is essential because it’s important to know current events and new opinions.

Overall, Lizzy is a great student and person who will excel in journalism and anything else she sets her mind to!

Written By: Regan Gray, Staff Writer

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

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