Hawk Eye Ha Has: Vending machines, cafe to provide healthy alternatives


Hawk Eye Staff

Vending machines will soon serve healthier options.

Ever since Michelle Obama created her “Let’s Move!” initiative to solve the problem of obesity by empowering parents and caregivers to make healthy food decisions, she has tried making healthy foods affordable and school lunches more nutritious; and BPHS has taken the hint.

BPHS will be putting healthy alternatives in the vending machines and in the cafeteria starting late April.

A few of the changes to the vending machines include: putting vegetable slices in-place of the Veggie Straws, putting fewer gummies in the fruit snack bags, selling halves of granola bars to limit portion size, and putting unfiltered water in-place of the “Frost Gatorade.”

BPHS also plans to place a wedge of lemon on each water fountain spout.

“I like lemon water, but that idea is very unsanitary. And my favorite food is actually a sweet potato,” said junior Lorraine Swogger.

In the cafeteria during lunch periods, they will have pineapple pizza, kale and cucumber salads, yam fries, multi-grain mac n cheese and much more.

Who knows what the School District will change next?


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