Hawk Eye Ha Has: COVID-19 strand in teens

BEWARE Bethel Park students!

Research has shown an increase in a very contagious disease as a strand of COVID-19. Due to the lack of exposure to sunlight and social environments, teenagers have been coming down with, TikTok-itis!

It doesn’t seem as dangerous when the symptoms first start to show.

First: Boredom causes teens to resort to Netflix or Instagram for entertainment.

Second: Through excessive searching, they find the app TikTok.

Third: They start browsing through the app and learning dances, tricks, pranks, hacks, and SPANISH.

Do not be afraid if you do encounter a young freshman trying to look like Addison Rae or Charlie D’Amelio.

Renegade no longer refers to the song by X Ambassadors, but the dance by Jalaiah Harmon.


It has also been known for its “thirst traps”, ew.

It’s not so family-friendly and very damaging to friendships/relationships.

Some side effects include more solitary confinement, excessive dancing, weird habits, destruction of rooms, and much more to come!

Parents look after your teens in these troubling times!