Hawk Eye Ha Has: Mang is a cold blooded lizard

Some may say that Mr. Allemang is a normal 10th grade English teacher and an ordinary Ways and Means sponsor, but others will tell you otherwise.

When junior Juliana Carbone was asked about her opinion on Mr. Allemang being a little off lately, she said: “Yeah, he seems a little off lately. On the occasion, I will catch him eating bugs in the back of the classroom. He thinks no one is watching, but I always seem to glimpse at the right moment to catch him.”

Olivia Westphal chimed in during my conversation with Juliana and said, “I have noticed a slur of his words because oddly enough his tongue is growing I believe.”

The Hawk Eye staff became wary of how their leader began to act. When asked, “Mr. Allemang are you okay, is something off we noticed you eating more?” He replied with, “I’m tiring to make gains and eat high protein meals and snacks.”

The most absurd encounter the students have witnessed with Mr. Allemang is that he was drinking the water off the wall in the stairwell.

The students soon cracked the code and realized what was up with Mr. Allemang; he is in a transition phase of becoming a reptile.

When confronted about this conspiracy, he said: “I am tired of pretending to be something I’m not. It’s time to let my true colors show and not be ashamed of my reptilian ways. I love myself and myself is a lizard!”