“Old yellow” keeps gum off your shoes


The scraper tool or “old yellow” has been a part of the BPHS community for years.

If you’ve run across a custodian scraping the cafeteria floor in between lunches or after school, then you’ve witnessed firsthand “old yellow.”

Consisting of a wide putty knife attached to the end of a broom stick, held together with duct tape, the tool is primarily used to scrape gum off the floor, but according to Director of Facilities Bill Keith, “has also been used for unlacing a bathroom stall door and flipping an occasional hamburger.”

The scraper’s origins are unknown, but was made mostly out of budgetary necessity.

“As far as how many years the tool has been in service, that is classified; however, it has received the full depreciation for tax purposes,” said Mr. Keith.

The tool survived the transition from the old high school.

“I called it old yellow because of the handle,” Mr. Keith said. “Rumor has it that there was once an orange handle attached to it.”

So, the next time you’re making your way through the cafeteria, if you happen to see gum on the floor, call for “old yellow.” Your shoes will thank you.

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