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Amelia "Mia" Lazzaro, Staff Writer


What is better than the thrill of standing under the bright stadium lights, cheering for your home team on a chilly fall Friday night? BPHS junior Amelia “Mia” Lazzaro would tell you that there isn’t a thing better than that. 

Having cheered from a young age, Mia Lazzaro is no stranger to having her voice heard. When she isn’t on the sidelines or competitively cheering, you would most likely find Mia vocalizing her opinion on what matters most to her. Mia hopes to make a change in the world by going into public administration, which is essentially a mass-media government.

To get there, Mia hopes to attend either the University of Southern California or the American University in Rome for peace, justice, and conflict studies. When in Rome!

Mia hopes to hone in both her communication and writing skills to a broad audience by taking journalism. She is clearly on the right track to make a change for the people someday!

As an incredible writer, Mia will bring a fresh, new perspective to the Hawk Eye since she has an unexpected way of seeing both sides of a situation and reporting on it with her own stylistic flair.

Mia spends most of her time at many of her in-school and after-school curricular activities, such as PACS and STAND, cheering, or coaching first graders in rec cheer. When she can find time in her busy schedule to relax, she does it best by diving into a book. Mia is most inspired by how writers can craft such intricate and complex worlds and stories with only a pen.

Anyone would want a vacation after a busy schedule like hers! If Mia could choose to vacation anywhere, she would spend a week in San Lazzaro in Venice, Italy. Here, Mia hopes to get in touch with her Italian roots and maybe binge on some Italian delicacies. Make sure there is no meat, though, because Mia is as pescatarian as it gets.


Written by Madelyn Hoffmann, Staff Writer

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Amelia "Mia" Lazzaro