Job shadowing gives students real-life experience

Alea Taylor shadows Mrs. Luzaders 4th-grade class at Ben Franklin.
Alea Taylor shadows Mrs. Luzader’s 4th-grade class at Ben Franklin.

Job shadowing is a great way to get an idea of a day in the life of your career choice and is extremely recommended for high school students. 

Jack Paxton, current senior, job shadowed at Lighthouse Electric where he put his engineering skills to the test by doing Cadd and Engineer work. Paxton says, “I chose to job shadow to better understand the future work that I will be doing.”

Job shadowing is an amazing opportunity for upperclassmen who are interested in a certain career to get real-world experience with what they want to do for the rest of their lives. 

For underclassmen, shadowing can change the route of your classes here at BPHS!

Lacie Scheidler, a senior, majoring in early education has job shadowed as well. 

When asked about her experience job shadowing, she says, “I chose to job shadow to make sure I would enjoy the job before I spent money and time on it in college.”

Education data claims that almost 30% of students drop out of college in the first year. Ohio State University claims that about 75% of students end up changing majors throughout college.    

This number would be greatly decreased if students would take the chance to see their potential future in action. 

Mr. Bruce, guidance counselor here at BPHS, is extremely passionate about the idea of job shadowing. 

Bruce said: “The benefits of Job Shadowing are MANY!  As long as you are actively involved in the shadowing process by asking as many questions as possible the results can yield many long-term decisions.  Decisions such as, is this the right job for me what college education (Bachelor/Master/doctorate) will I need and where is the best place to get that education?  Sometimes, the person will share where they went to school and what they did to get where they are currently.  That is the basis for doing these shadow opportunities.  You have to find out that you are chasing down your dream job and matching it up with your intended major(s) and the right education pathway.  If you are doing a great job with the shadowing opportunity, sometimes the person may invite you back for more experiences OR introduce you to other people in a different role/job.” 

Bruce continues by saying: “I am a BIG fan of these opportunities as they lead to more of a solid career pathway because the student did the research in person and doesn’t lead to transferring colleges because of having to change a major while in college and the college doesn’t have the major.”

The last piece of advice Mr. Bryce gives goes out to underclassmen. He said, “Sometimes IF you do a shadow early enough in your high school years then it could shape the courses you take throughout your high school years at BPHS!”

Emma Thimons, a current senior at BPHS, is going to Seton Hill University and will be in the physician assistant program! 

Thimons has job shadowed multiple times. Emma said: “I have been job shadowing since sophomore year and is a major reason I was accepted into my college program. These experiences have given me mentors to go to for the rest of my life as well as confirmation of what exactly I want to do. Job shadowing is extremely encouraging and I recommend everyone do it at least once.” 

Ava Arnold, current senior, also job shadowed. 

She said: “I shadowed at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I  handled small animals, interacted with the public, guided exhibits, cleaned exhibits, and also just learned about (exotic) animal care. I chose to shadow at the Pittsburgh Zoo because I am interested in conservation, and the zoo offered a way to learn and help animals in a new way.”

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Camryn Priddy
Camryn Priddy, Features Editor
Camryn Priddy is heading into her senior year with a positive attitude and bright outlook. She is most excited to see in her classes and in the halls her friends whom she missed over the summer. Also, she is stoked to take on the football field as a Bethette in Squad 1. So make sure to keep an eye out for her glowing smile on the field! Her future plans include going to either Slippery Rock or IUP for early education and special education as a dual major, which should be a piece of cake as she retains a 3.5 GPA!  She is also super excited to dive into her extracurriculars again this year, including yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, and Bethettes. You may also see her keeping busy at her job as a hostess, server, or takeout person at Eat N’ Park. When asked why she decided to work there, she responded, “My two friends already worked there, and also I really needed a job.” When questioned about who keeps her motivated in her busy day-to-day life, she replied, “My mom. She has a lot of confidence and really taught me to be proud of myself.” Which shows just how much she values her family. While getting to know Camryn, you can tell that she brings warmth with her whether it's in her laugh or just the joy in her voice while she talks. When asked what her favorite thing about herself was, she replied, “My hair, because I take good care of it!” If you are ever having a bad day, talk to Camryn; it can be guaranteed that she will brighten up your day just by talking to her.   Written by: Alea Taylor, Staff Writer
Alea Taylor
Alea Taylor, Staff Writer
Senior Alea Taylor is excited to take on her last year of high school, and her first year in Scholastic Publications. Besides journalism, Alea is also involved in Bethettes, musicals, and fall play. Her favorite memory of Bethettes is, “Going to squad dinners, specifically a Harry Potter-themed dinner I had last year.” Alea is a musical star, who played Morticia Addams in the school's musical last year.  “It was really nice to play a character who was super known worldwide, it was iconic to play. She’s so funny and deadpan, and also empowering,” she said. Besides playing Morticia, Alea has been in several other musicals. Starting with "Grease," she was a cheerleader and featured dancer. In "Elf Jr.," played Charlotte Dennon. In the show "Mary Poppins Jr.," she was a part of the Jolly Holiday Trio. In "Frozen Jr.," Alea played Snowflake #1 and also was a featured dancer. In "Cinderella," Alea played Madame. Alea also is a part of the fall play club. When asked about her feelings toward the club, Alea said, “Fall Play is my favorite extracurricular activity because the cast is so small that it becomes so intimate and you really get to become part of a family when you do it.” She played Violet in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which took place in the spring due to Covid-19. Alea played Rheba in “You Can’t Take It With You,” and last fall she played Vivian in "The Last Christmas Radio Show." Alea just auditioned for her final BPHS fall play production. “I used to be really nervous and have a lot of anxiety when I talked to people, so getting on stage, and talking in front of people felt impossible. Eventually, I just decided whatever the outcome is, I am just going to have fun with it, and make memories, so no matter what the outcome was, I would have great memories. That’s how I got my first lead role.” Besides being involved in extracurricular activities, Alea is committed to Slippery Rock University. She is going to be studying elementary education, and special education, as well as minoring in theater arts. She decided to go to Slippery Rock because she loved the campus and the programs they offered. She also loves that they put over $6 million into their theater department. Alea’s favorite class is choir because all of her friends are in her class. If Alea could be any animal, she sees herself being a duck. “The way they walk and the vibe, they are also my favorite animals, and I relate to them on a spiritual level,” Alea said when asked why. Alea’s favorite color is red. “It’s my power color,” she claims. Her favorite features that she has are her smile, hair, and her personality.  “I used to not like any parts of myself, but now I love so many parts of myself.” Alea plans on working on the social media aspect of journalism the most. She loves to create videos and take pictures, as she has a natural talent for photography. Written by: Camryn Priddy, Staff Writer

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