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Liz Mackey

Liz Mackey, Staff Writer, Photographer

Dribble, dribble, dribble. Pass the ball. Shoot. Score! That’s two points for junior Liz Mackey.

Liz is a real team player and you can find her on the court when our JV girls basketball team’s mission is to outscore its opponents. Liz’s biggest goal is to achieve varsity status on the girls basketball team.

This is Liz’s first year in Scholastic Publications but not her first year taking photos for the yearbook. Even though Liz didn’t take the class last year, she took photos around the school and at sports events to help out the yearbook so they had more photos to choose from.

Liz’s biggest inspiration is her uncle. Wouldn’t you be inspired if your uncle was the captain of the LAPD?

Aside from playing high school basketball, she likes to take photos for the yearbook and watch her favorite programs on Netflix.

Liz is also involved in Student Government (SGA) where she is a senator; she is also involved in Campus Life, Fall Play, and Best Buddies.

Liz has two dogs. Their names are Claire and Tippy.


Written by: Isabella Dudjak, Staff Writer

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Liz Mackey