BPHS to stage “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in June

This year's fall play

This year’s fall play “A Charlie Brown Christmas” takes stage June 17-19.

Amelia "Mia" Lazzaro, Staff Writer

This year has had really messed up events: Powderpuff was in May, Keystones and AP testing wer happening simultaneously, and now we have a FALL play in June!

That’s right, this year’s 2021 fall play is coming up fast. And better yet, it will be Christmas in July! Well, June.

This year Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Kovell will be directing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as their “fall” play. Be sure to catch the amazing actors hitting the stage June 17-19. 

Showtime begins at 7 p.m. 

You’ll find your classmates rocking the stage as you may recognize some of them.

We’ll have Dylan Finnell playing the main character Charlie Brown.

The cast is set for the BPHS production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” (Evan Manion)

Joining Finnell are:

  • Justin Muench as Linus
  • Madelyn Hoffman as Lucy
  • Lacis Scheidler as Sally
  • Kadin Gray as Snoopy
  • Anthony Hughes as Schroeder
  • Grace Skalniak as Frieda
  • Kessid Wicker as Pig Pen
  • Alea Taylor as Violet
  • Isabella Zallo as Patty!

Contact this number about ticket sales: (412) 854-8514.

We hope to see you again in the theatre!

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