Participate in SGA’s costume contest


Hawk Eye Staff

Mr. Wallisch and Ms. Durco participate in last year’s Halloween costume contest.

Amelia "Mia" Lazzaro, Staff Writer

Get spooky for Halloween during COVID-19!

SGA is hosting a costume contest this Wednesday, Oct. 28 and Thursday, Oct. 29 for hybrid students!

Hybrid students in group A and group B have the chance to win a gift card of their choice for their freakiest, coolest, prettiest, most radical costume.

You might find me dressed up as Disney’s Moana on Thursday! Maybe even some teachers such as Ms. Durco and Mr. Wallisch might dress up as well.

There are some restrictions, for instance, there are to be no masks or face paint that covers students’ entire face, no weapons (yes, even fake ones), and students must wear costumes that adhere to the school dress code.

Have fun, be safe, and happy Halloween!