Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Robinson


Kim Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson poses in her Majorettes uniform.

Say hello to Elizabeth Robinson, a senior here at Bethel Park!

Elizabeth is not only a great student academically, but she is also an accomplished individual involved in the music department!

Since she was just a fourth-grade student, Elizabeth has been involved in our school’s band program. 

Starting off, in her earlier years, she began as a clarinet player. 

Elizabeth said, “The instrument just really caught my attention. I felt that it was the best option to kickstart my music career.”

She continued to play the clarinet all throughout the rest of her elementary and middle school years and even in her freshman and sophomore years at BPHS.

However, as much as she loved playing clarinet, she wanted to switch up her focus. 

She knew she wanted to try out for Top 21, but she was also drawn toward becoming a majorette.

During her freshman year, Elizabeth had begun twirling at a program called Passion. She originally decided to twirl on the side as a fun activity; however, as time went on she saw herself really starting to excel.

Knowing she was looking into new areas of interest, she decided to retire as a clarinet player. She began to put more time into advancing her skills both as a singer and a twirler. 

She began to work hard and practice not only in the studio or at school but also during her free time as well. 

Her goal was to become a majorette and a member of Top 21 for her approaching junior year.

When asked why she put so much effort into accomplishing this goal, Elizabeth said: “I love twirling and singing, and getting to be a majorette or a part of Top 21 would be a big accomplishment. I would be representing not only just the BPHS music department but the entire school district as well.”

In her junior year, Elizabeth tried out for the majorettes and auditioned for Top 21.

She was nervous because they were both selective groups and only a few would be chosen.

Amazingly, she made the cut and became one of the five majorettes at our school and one of the 30 members of Top 21.

Elizabeth had a great year as a majorette and a Top 21 member as she twirled and sang beautifully at all of BPHS’s sporting games, parades, concerts, and events.

She is an excellent example of a hard-working student that all should aspire to be.