Student of the Week: Tyler Schultz


Jenelle Wu

“LET’S GO PENS!” says Tyler Schultz every day as he proudly waves his Pens flag.

Name? Tyler Schultz

Grade?  12th 

Favorite teacher? class? Mr.  Allemang/ Journalism

Favorite color?  Red 

Favorite season?  Summer and Winter

Zodiac sign? Cancer

Favorite TV show and/or movie? “Tom and Jerry” and “National Lampoon’s  Christmas Vacation” 

What terrible movie do you love?  Disney’s “A Christmas Carol”

School activities you participate in? Karate

What’s your favorite song? “Play it Again” by Luke Bryan

Any good advice to underclassmen? Join clubs, they make everything better

What’s your favorite inspirational quote? “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

You’re on a deserted island and you can only bring three things. What are you bringing? Clothes, a house, and a blanket

Your favorite meme at the moment? Shocked Pikachu

Favorite restaurant? Eat’n Park  

Have any hobbies?  Writing stories and watching the 5X time Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Ocean City, Maryland

What’s your favorite animal?  Penguins

What are your plans for the future? Being an announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Afraid of anything? Ghosts 

Favorite scent?  Deer

A place you’d someday like to visit? Washington, DC