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Joey Bova
As the 2019-2020 school year begins, Joey Bova is ready to take on senior year.

The 5-foot-9 senior with flowing locks is coming back to journalism for a second straight year.

"I really enjoyed what we did last year and I want to make more videos."

Bova also has goals in journalism for beyond this class. He is planning on attending either Waynesburg or Point Park for college where he can continue to work in journalism. Joey also wants to go to either of those schools so he can pursue his dream of sports broadcasting.

Over this past summer, Joey was barely home as he went on multiple vacations. He traveled to Toronto, Canada, to visit the CN Tower, the Ovo store, and Niagara Falls. Joey also went to Nags Head, N.C. and Myrtle Beach for vacation. He also went to Drums, Pa. to watch his dad run a triathlon.

On the more personal side, there are many things Joey likes to do. He works at the to-go station at the Trolley Stop Inn in Bethel Park. His favorite food is seafood, and he plays for the school's ultimate Frisbee team.

Keep a lookout for articles by Joey Bova this year and beyond!


Written by: Matthew Szymanowski, Staff Writer

Joey Bova, Video Editor, Deputy Social Media Editor

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Joey Bova