BPHS to host Sadies Hawkins Dance!

The Sadie Hawkins dance returns to BPHS on Feb. 17.

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The Sadie Hawkins dance returns to BPHS on Feb. 17.

Catherine Carberry, Staff Writer

Attention BPHS!

There is a Sadie Hawkins Winter dance that is coming up on Friday, Feb. 17. The dance, which is hosted by the Class of 2023, will go from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This event will take place in the cafeteria.  The recommended dress is semi-formal.

In case you weren’t aware, a Sadies Hawkins dance is similar to homecoming or prom, except the women ask the men. This dance is a fun way to reverse the roles! The idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance is that the girls ask their desired date to the dance, as opposed to the men (in their conventional gender role) inviting their dates.

Who is Sadie and why does she have a dance? The name Sade Hawkins originally came from a comic strip. This comic strip was referred to as “Lil Abner.” The comic is set in a fictional town called Dogpatch. One day in early November, there was a celebration called Sadie Hawkins Day. It was named “homely daughter of Dogpatche’s earliest settler” who failed to catch a husband.” So, Sadie’s dad decided to gather all the single men in Dogpatch and hold an event. At this event, Sadie’s father had all the single women chase the men around and whoever the women “caught” would be who they would marry.

Now that we’ve caught up with a bit of history, consider joining us at the dance on Feb. 17! Students are able to purchase tickets for $10.  A Google Form was sent to students’ emails. Fill out the form and turn in the permission slip with payment to the Activities Office before Feb. 10.