Student Spotlight: Allison Wolling


Catherine Carberry

Ally Wolling poses for a pic in front of the Student Section at a football game.

Whether you’re at the football game on Friday, on the sidelines of the lacrosse field, or on the golf course, you’ll find Allison Wolling. Sophomore Allison Wolling, known to many as Ally, is a fun, sweet, determined and upbeat student.

Ally is a photographer, golfer, and lacrosse player. She is extremely passionate about all three.

Mrs. Wolling is able to balance these activities by taking a study hall ninth period and not wasting any time.

When asked about her love for photography, Ally replied, “Taking pictures for the games is not easy. It requires a lot of time and skill.”

When she was younger, Ally claims she would “take pictures of random stuff and just play around with cameras and equipment.”

She also claims she plans to pursue photography for a very long time. 

Besides her love of photography, she is able to take her abilities to the next level. Ally recently created an Instagram account all on her own to post her pictures. Her account, “_awmedia71_”  already has a large following of 314 followers. Her work is often featured on the Hawk Eye Instagram and averages around 321 likes per post.

Ms. Wolling loves posting media, but it requires devotion. “It has been amazing and stressful because people love the photos that I take and sometimes I will be getting a lot of direct messages at once saying, ‘Can you send me the pictures that you took of me?’ Other than that, it’s awesome,” she claims.

When asked what her biggest accomplishment was, Ally said it would be making the varsity golf team both her freshman and sophomore years. “I am also proud of lettering all in my freshman year,” Ally adds. 

Golf teaches self-discipline, patience, effort, and understanding. Ally explains, “Golf has taught me to be patient and that things will happen for a reason.”

Ally adds, “I see myself golfing forever, it’s something I never want to give up.” 

This past season, Ally qualified for the WPIAL golf tournament!  Ally has devoted countless hours and effort to her favorite sport.

“It is a good experience to play at different courses that you have never played at and it’s a good way to meet new girls that you will be playing with for your high school career. It’s amazing playing on the varsity golf team because it has some competition and it’s super cool to see all the amazing courses, like country clubs!” Ally said.

Ally’s biggest inspiration is her family. In her own words, “My biggest inspiration is my parents because they help me with so much in my life when it comes to sports or academics.” Family is very important to Ms. Wolling. 

Aside from sports and academics, Ally is very enthusiastic about helping others. Ally’s friends and family know that she’ll always put them first and hear what they have to say before she mentions anything. “I always ask anyone if they need help, and when they do I’ll be there,” she said. 

When Ally was asked what her goals are after BPHS, she said, “I want to get into a good college and continue my golf and photography careers.” She also states, “I am planning to go to college, I am not sure where though, but I do have some ideas.” 

Ally’s upbeat personality is how she is so well-known. Whether you see her in the halls or outside of campus, she always has a smile on and is ready to conquer her next challenge.

Ally mentions that her favorite song is “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers.

When asked what her favorite band is and why, she ecstatically exclaimed “One Direction!! Since in 2020, I had no idea what I wanted to listen to so I put on 2010’s hits and the rest is history.”

More fun facts about this cheerful student is that her favorite color is navy blue. In Ally’s own words, she claims, “My favorite color is definitely navy blue. I don’t know why, I have a lot of navy clothes, a navy backpack, water bottle, phone case and a lot more.”

Another fun fact about Ally is her favorite food is homemade mashed potatoes and gravy.

We hope to continue to see Ally succeed in her photography dreams and excel in academics and sports.