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Anthony Chiccitt

Anthony Chiccitt, Deputy Sports Editor

Anthony Chiccitt, a BPHS junior, will be your starting quarterback for the second year in a row on Friday nights, but much more than that, the student body will be on the receiving end of a plethora of front page worthy stories.

When he is not commanding the huddle, he will be "giving you a new outlook on the sports world." His wealth of knowledge about sports and life itself makes him a perfect journalist for this prestigious news team.

As a rising superstar on the gridiron, Anthony spends most of his days slinging the pigskin and/or in the weight room getting his body in the best shape possible. As a result of this tremendous work ethic, Chiccitt's goals are set pretty high for himself and his team; in fact, he said, "I think we can win the section championship."

Some fun facts about QB1 that you may not have known are that his dream vacation would be to Bora Bora, his superpower would be to fly, "because it would be sick," and his role models are his parents... and LeBron James. He also explains that dinner and a movie would satisfy him on a date... "noting too much.”

Seeming to be on the fast track to success in high school and beyond, when responding to a question about the next level of athletics, he said, "I'm going to win the Heisman" with a laugh. He then proceeded to explain how he would like to play either football or baseball at the collegiate level.

So, Anthony, Tony, Chiccitt, QB1, whatever you want to calm him, is one of the coolest people on the planet; never too high, never too low. A cool and calm personality that is likable to everyone. On Friday nights, he'll seem larger than life, even though he says in a traditional Anthony Chiccitt way, "I'm just a normal guy.”

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Anthony Chiccitt