Ford calls for culture change at BPHS


Hawk Eye Staff

Diane Ford speaks to sophomores on Monday, Feb. 11 about changing the culture at BPHS.

On Monday, Feb. 11, all grades had assigned assembly times to listen to former Bethel grad Diane Ford talk about culture change here at BPHS.

Walking into the auditorium, Mrs. Ford separated all students by the color of their clothing– dark clothing on one side and light clothing on the other.

She then started to ask some questions such as, “Do you believe you have value?” and “Would you pick someone else up who doesn’t?”

She proceeded to talk about how everyone has value, just maybe in different ways.

The assembly wasn’t very long, but it got the message out to the students.

She also talked about an interesting perspective on races and said, “There is only race, the human race.”

Her overall message was if we all can respect each other as the same, then the world would be a better place.

Junior student Thomas DiRienzio said, “I think it was very interesting and taught us to love everyone and especially to value ourselves.”

There will be a Google Form sent out to all students asking if you would be interested in partaking in a program with Mrs. Ford, in which you will try to work on bettering yourself, others and the culture surrounding BPHS as a whole.