Diving team makes big splash in early-season meet


Evan Manion

Diving team puts together solid team performance to upend West Allegheny in early season contest.

After coming back from a long and taxing off-season, Bethel Park divers competed in a home meet against West Allegheny on Dec. 14. Ultimately, Bethel Park came out victorious with individual boys taking first, third, and fifth gaining 10 points for Bethel. The girls took second, third, and fourth gaining nine points.

“During your dive, it is complete silence. The only thing that you can hear is your own thoughts, and the water dripping from beneath your feet,” said junior Jake Zeminski.

For the boys, with a leading score of 200.70, captain Jasper Harter-Hughes qualified for and secured a spot at the WPIAL meet taking place in March of 2022. In third place, Jake Zeminski earned a score of 142.2. In fifth place, Cordan McDonnell scored 119.05. Also, Lucas Varley dove in exhibition with a score of 128.05.

For the ladies, freshman River Hendrych-Bondra took second place with a score of 137.95. In third place came Sophia Coda with a score of 119.40 and close behind in fourth was Olivia Massari with a score of 118.90. Ella Devine dove in exhibition with a score of 112.20.

Black Hawk divers hope to continue with the reign of domination on Wednesday, Dec. 22 when facing Latrobe. This is just the beginning, and there will be more flips, more dives, and more smacks to come. Show your support for Bethel Park diving!