Nate Yoder seeks revenge on Mr. Travis!


Michael Dudjak

Mr. Travis and Nate Yoder embrace shortly after their 1v1 matchup on Oct. 24, 2019.

Student Nate Yoder and teacher Mr. Travis had a very anticipated 1v1 basketball game on Oct. 24, 2019. Mr. Travis came out on top and won the 1v1 (9-2). After Nate Yoder faced a huge loss against his biology teacher, he has been demanding a rematch but that got shut down due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.

At their first game, the turnout was extremely impressive. The large crowd consisted of friends of Nate Yoder, the whole wrestling team, and Mr. Travis’ entire Lady Hawks. The students really enjoyed this event and would probably want to see them face each other once again.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Yoder and Mr. Travis stayed in touch over email. They are both willing to face each other again when COVID restrictions begin to get lifted and when everything is back to normal. In the meantime, Nate Yoder has been putting in the hours in the gym to prepare for the rematch, and so has Mr. Travis.

When asked, Mr. Travis said, “I’ve been staying in decent shape by conditioning, practicing with, and scrimmaging against the Bethel Park girls basketball team.”

They are both confident in themselves, but they are both still very anxious about how the outcome of the rematch will pan out.

Nate Yoder said: “I’ve got high hopes for the rematch because I have been putting in endless hours in the gym but I know what Mr. Travis is capable of, which worries me because he can definitely bring some heat to this rematch. But I believe that I will come on top and defeat him this time.”

With Nate Yoder being extremely confident in himself, Mr. Travis thinks otherwise.

Mr. Travis said, “I’m anxiously anticipating a rematch with “Nifty” Nate Yoder.”

Only time will tell until we know the winner of the 1v1! Be ready to watch the most anticipated event in Bethel Park history!

You will be able to watch a video of the game here on Hawk Eye as well as in-person when the date of the game is announced.