BP grapplers wrestle into the history books


Jason Montgomery and Nino Bonaccorsi proudly show their WPIAL medals as they stand arm in arm with Coaches Stewart and Bonaccorsi.

What a historic season for Bethel Park wrestlers Nino Bonaccorsi and Jason Montgomery! Nino placed 2nd at states and Jason placed 7th.

Nino, the only wrestler in Bethel Park history to make it to the state finals, found his place there once again. He finished his senior season with a record of 39 wins and 1 loss. He was also a WPIAL Champion for the second time.

Jason worked his way from the pigtail match to the podium at states, an amazing feat for wrestling the 1 seed first round and ultimately placing 7th.

Nino and Jason were willing to answer some questions regarding their incredible performances.

Q. What was the highlight of your wrestling season?

Nino: The highlight of my season would have to be walking in the parade of champions, and wrestling in the state finals.

Jason: The highlight of my season was beating my rival, Max Shaw, at WPIALs and qualifying for the state tournament. That was one of the best moments of my life.

Q. Did you meet your goals for the season?

Nino: Yes, even though my goal was to win the state championships, I feel beyond blessed to have gotten the success I had, and beyond grateful for the opportunity to wrestle in the state finals twice.

Jason: I went beyond my expectations for what I believed I would accomplish. Coming off my injury from the last year I didn’t expect that I would accomplish what I have done this season… I mean it was always the plan to make it on the podium at states, but when it actually happened it blew my mind.

Q. What was it like wrestling in the state competition?

Nino: It was awesome, the atmosphere at states is like no other. Even the WPIAL tournament has great feel to it, even compared to other state tournaments. PA wrestling is like no other and I’m glad I’m a part of it.

Jason: Wrestling up at states was extremely intense. When I got up there and started jogging around the giant arena, I felt a little bit overwhelmed and I just didn’t want to go two and out, but I was able to get it through my head that this is just any other tournament and that all the competitors up here are all human.

To add icing to the cake, Nino got invited to wrestle on Team PA at the Wrestling Classic, the Rose Bowl of Wrestling. Nino is the 5th wrestler in BP history to be invited to the Wrestling Classic, but the 1st to wrestle on the PA team.

When asked how he feels representing Pennsylvania at the Wrestling Classic, Nino said: “I feel honored to be selected to represent Pennsylvania in such a prestigious dual meet. I look forward to the match and to the experience I’m going to get. It is an opportunity I will cherish forever.”

Nino is scheduled to wrestle a 4X State Champ from West Virginia.  The featured match, PA vs. USA, starts at 6 PM and is at the Fitzgerald Field House on Pitt’s campus. The WPIAL All-Stars wrestle the Georgia All-Stars at 4 PM.

It’ll be Nino’s first time wrestling at the Field House, where he will officially make his home next year as a Panther.

For more information about the Wrestling Classic and to purchase tickets, click here.