Electives to choose at BPHS


Hawk Eye Staff

The word “academics” welcomes students to said wing of the school.

Coming up in the next few weeks here at BPHS, students can choose classes for the next school year.

Students in grades nine through 11 will have the opportunity to select a variety of different classes and electives.

A bunch of electives you can take can be in the categories of art, business, marketing, music, family consumer science, and even some in the four core classes: English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Some of the most popular electives from each category are Law and You, Forensic Science, Creative Writing, Game Coding, Introduction to Culinary Skills, Advanced Culinary Skills, Sports and Entertainment Management, Art 1, Art 2, Introduction to Marketing, and any music elective.

Let’s highlight a few of them.

Law and You is a social studies elective. Throughout the course, students learn all about how the law works, and about different criminals throughout history.

Junior Tessa Ferris took Law and You in her sophomore year.

When asked why she chose that elective, Ferris said: “ I took Law and You because I like learning about the law, and I find serial killers very interesting to learn about. I would definitely recommend it.” 

Forensic Science is a science elective. Students learn about bones, DNA, blood, blood spatter, fingerprinting, and more cool ideas. Forensics has a bunch of cool labs and assignments that students can work in groups on.

Carissa Putila, who is currently in forensics, is excited to learn. She said: “I took the class because I want to learn more about solving crimes. I absolutely recommend it to students.”

A great English elective to take for students is Creative Writing. Creative Writing is a class where students can write freely and choose what they write about. Students also learn about writing poems, monologues, short stories, and other creative forms of writing.

Ms. Kincak, who teaches this class, Levels 1 and 2 said: “There are so many reasons to take Creative Writing. In my opinion, the most important reason is to develop your own unique voice while exercising the creative mind” 

If you are looking for a math elective, Game Coding is perfect for you! Game Coding teaches students about the structure and algorithms in video games. It requires no prior programming experience and is open to freshmen.

Mr. Oswald, who teaches this course, recommends it to all students. 

Mr. Oswald said, “Intro to Game Coding (course selection guide # 273) focuses on the code behind video games and features Minecraft Modding/Nintendo Switch and Unity.  Students should take Intro to Game Coding to try something new in a fun way, and (of course) play some Minecraft, Mario Kart, and Mario Maker.  Intro to Game Coding has no prerequisites. Next year, we are offering a new section of Game Coding (course selection guide# 277).  While this course mirrors the Intro course, it has prerequisites and is geared toward students with at least 1 full year of programming experience. I hope to see you in class.”

The two cooking classes: Introduction to Culinary Skills and Advanced Culinary Skills were previously known as Survival in the Kitchen and Foods and Nutrition. Both of these courses teach students about different foods, and how to make them.

Students also get to actually cook the foods they are learning about, and eat them!

Ana Winowich, who took Advanced Culinary Skills (Foods and Nutrition) said: “I learned a lot and it helped me with my cooking skills. It’s so much fun getting to cook and eat a lot of good food with your friends.”

Sports and Entertainment Management is a great business elective for grades 10-12 to take! It covers topics such as college and amateur sports to professional sports. Consider taking this elective if you love sports.

Tommy Smith, a current junior, took this class when he was a sophomore.

Smith said: “It’s a very hands-on class that lets you create your own dream team and manage every single aspect of it. I liked how we got to make all of our own team attire and I got to choose my dream roster of basketball players.”

Art 1 and Art 2 are great electives to take if you like to paint, draw, and learn about different forms of art. 

Kianna Gorman, a junior who took both classes, said, “You learn how to be more creative and open-minded.” She recommends it to anyone.

The marketing classes offered at the school are amazing! Introduction to Marketing is great for first-year marketing students to take. Throughout the years, marketing students will have a chance to participate in DECA, and run the school store, The Bean and Berry.

4-year DECA member Natalie Engel is taking the Co-Op experience work course currently, as her fourth marketing course.

Engel said: “I really enjoy getting to run the school store and help serve others. Marketing is a good way to make new friends, and get to learn a lot about business in high school.”

If you are interested in learning more about music, please consider taking a music elective. Songwriting, Music Production, and Music Theory are offered here, as well as chorus, strings, and band.

Mr. Derby, who teaches music electives, welcomes any student interested in music.

“For anyone who likes music, we have a very sequential offering of music electives to help you express your creativity,” Mr. Derby said. “From simple audio editing to songwriting and music production in the recording studio, we focus on popular music concepts and trends as we deconstruct and create music.  Participating in any of these classes will not only help you in your own musical pursuits but will help you enhance any projects you may have for other classes that include voice-overs or the need for background music.  Stop into the Music Technology Lab (M432) and see me to discuss the right class for you.”

Those courses were just a few of the many electives students can take around the school. 

Consider signing up for a few electives throughout your time here at BPHS!