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The Hawk Seat Season Finale: Bloopers from the year

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In this final episode of the 2017-2018 school year, your hosts Gavin Campbell, Alex Mullen, Nick Guimond, and Ty Miller take you on a journey down memory lane as they relive all the funnies from the year.  Gavin and Ty also say their goodbyes to the Hawk Seat as they bequeath it to Nick and Alex.

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About the Writers
Gavin Campbell, Staff Writer

Involved. That’s a pretty easy way to describe Gavin Campbell.

Gavin does it all, participating in lacrosse, DECA, chess club, TLC, and now writing for Hawk Eye.

Gavin summed it up by saying, “I do pretty much everything.”

It doesn’t stop there, though. Gavin also is employed at Duck Donuts.

He still finds a way though to balance all these activities with his schoolwork. Gavin’s favorite subject is history, but his favorite teacher was his biology teacher Mr. O’Brien. “He’s a father figure to me,” Gavin added.

Something that many people may not know about Gavin is that he has created a sport called thonball. “It was a big hit around the school,” Gavin added. Gavin believes thonball has grown so much that the Olympics are considering it for 2020! Okay, that last statement may be a bit of a stretch.

When asked to describe himself in three words, Gavin came up with “fearless, humble yet proud, and shrewd.” All traits of a good journalist.

If Gavin had one superpower it would be to stop time. Another fun fact about Gavin is his love for Mexican food.

Through his journalism, Gavin hopes to make BPHS a better place.  Gavin ultimately hopes to uncover “the truth.”

Journalists like Gavin are what make the world a better place.

Written by Ty Miller, Staff Writer

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Alex Mullen, Editor-in-Chief

All-star basketball player and journalist Alex Mullen is in his senior year at BPHS. In addition to his fourth year at the high school, Mullen is continuing his legacy with Hawk Eye for his third year.

Mullen’s origin story like any other is one of legend, when asked why he joined, Mullen said, “Mang guilt-tripped me into it because no one else would write basketball articles.”

Since joining the newspaper, Mullen mainly focuses on writing sports articles. This year, he hopes to bring “Energy, enthusiasm, and dope videos.”

Mullen is also a host of the ever popular, “Hawk Seat”, and is one of the founding members of the show. When he’s not writing for the paper or recording the next Hawk Seat episode, where can you find Alex Mullen?

“Catch me at the high school basketball court hooping it up,” Mullen said.

Other than his super ability to write for Hawk Eye, he would want the superpower of invisibility.

Mullen’s perfect date?

“A candlelight dinner under a perfect crescent moon,” said Mullen.

In addition to a bright future with journalism, Mullen expects to attend college and hopefully play basketball after high school.

Written by: Nick Guimond, Staff Writer

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Nick Guimond, Video Editor

The YMCA ice rink is where you can find the ice hockey team’s three-year varsity starter Nick Guimond, aka Nicky G. Nick is a senior and this is his second year writing for Hawk Eye, the online newspaper. He hopes to bring a strong influence to this year’s sports articles, by leading the new writers in the right direction.

When asked if there was anything else he hopes to contribute, Nick simply said, “My man Mullen and I are going to be making The Hawk Seat better than ever this year with insanely cool videos.”

Speaking of which, The Hawk Seat is currently in the market for one new member, after losing senior anchor Gavin Campbell.

In the future, Nick plans on attending college and has high hopes to play ice hockey at the collegiate level. Once at college, he wants to pursue being a mechanical engineer because of his extreme skill in mathematics.

When it comes to superpowers, it is a clear decision for Nick, as he wants to be just like his favorite superhero, The Flash. With this being said, having super speed would be the most appealing to Nick.

“The great white north or should I say, Canada, is always calling me back every time I think of where I would like to go for my dream vacation,” Nick said in response to the question about his dream vacation.

But if he had the opportunity for a dream date, Nick likes to keep it simple.

“A nice long walk on the beach would set the mood just right.”


Written by: Alex Mullen, Staff Writer

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Ty Miller, Staff Writer

Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Tom Brady: they all have one thing in common, they’re fighting to be the second biggest thing in sports today. Just like the great Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” They’re all greats in their own respective sports, but when it comes to Sports Entertainment, no one will ever touch “The Triple Threat,” Ty Miller.

Ty is a standout in cross country, journalism, and basketball.

He quite possibly “could be better than Michael Jordan,” says BP Basketball Star Alex Mullen, who even admits he himself does not hold a candle to Ty Miller.

When it comes to cross country, Ty may not be the fastest, but he says that, “no one will ever outwork [him].” Ty’s work ethic is unparalleled.

He is an active participant in Student Government, Hawk Eye, and DECA. Ty loves giving back to his school and back to his community. He embraces his grind that he’s had here in BP.

Ty grinds it out in South Park, running miles upon miles in the park. When asked what he would do if he had no legs, he said he’d crawl… and he would still win the races.
Ty has been compared to the Palomino Blackwing, which is arguably the most elite pencil on the market. They’re both composed, dangerous, and sleek.

Catch Ty on the court, the cross country course, or in the papers as he looks to take over BPHS in 2017-18!

Written by: Gavin Campbell, Staff Writer

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  1. Amber Schnupp on August 30th, 2018 12:10 pm

    I was bored waiting between classes so I came to check on Hawk Eye! This really makes me miss senior year…
    I’m making sure to follow and turn on notifications for the website! I can’t wait to see what amazing content you guys create!
    Good luck with the 2018/2019 school year everyone!

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