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Jacob Toth
Whether it's at Shop 'n Save bagging groceries or in his garden growing his plants, you'll always find sophomore Jacob Toth busy with his favorite activities.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pa., Jake took Journalism because he thought it would be a fun class and just wanted to try it out.

When asked what his favorite topics to write about are, he said, "Science, but I also like to write about my beliefs and political views."

If Jake could visit anywhere in the world, he said, "Probably Italy because I'm part Italian and it would be nice to visit."

His favorite subject in school is biology or science in general. In fact, after high school, he aspires to be an anesthesiologist, which is a physician specializing in preoperative care, developing anesthetic plans, and the administration of anesthetics.

Also, if he could have one superpower, it would be telekinesis because he could move things without touching them. His favorite TV shows are "Jeopardy," "George Lopez Show," and "The Middle."

Jake is an energetic person who's always spitting facts. He is excited to be here and is ready to take on the challenge of journalism in his sophomore year at BPHS.

Written by: Vishnu Nair, Staff Writer

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

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Jacob Toth