The benefits of reading and writing


Hawk Eye staff

Senior Meghan Krapp reads “Norweigan Wood” by Haruki Marakami

Writing and reading are skills that some students find quite boring, others find difficult, and some find joy in. Both are actually very beneficial for everyone.

Writing can be extremely stress-relieving. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and writing about your feelings can help people understand themselves better. Journaling can even help keep memory sharp.

One of the benefits of developing strong writing skills is that writing is required in some way in nearly every profession,” said Mrs. Williams. “As an English teacher, I could go on and on about the benefits of reading– from helping us to understand the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others to providing us with access to all kinds of experiences that we may never have the chance to experience in our own lives.  In short, reading can provide something for everyone.”

Writing also teaches people how to communicate clearly. Communication is a very good skill to have, and being able to communicate over letters, email, and text messaging is essential.

Mrs. Casagranda, an English and history teacher, agrees that reading is important.

Reading makes you a better writer and allows you to escape into alternate and sometimes magical worlds where you can live vicariously through the characters without experiencing the real ramifications of taking action,” she said.

“I know I’ve read a good book when I read the last page slowly, regretful to know my time with the characters has come to an end.”

Ever since we are children, adults stress the importance of reading.

A lot of students don’t find joy in reading, saying how boring it can be.

However, junior Kianna Gorman enjoys reading in her free time.

“When I’m feeling stressed, reading kinda takes me to another world,” she said, “and makes me forget about my worries for the time being.”

The benefits of reading are endless. Reading exercises the brain, improves sleep, and entertains. 

Junior Madelyn Sams also loves to read.

“Reading is a good pastime because it’s relaxing, but you’re still engaging your mind,” she said.

Reading and writing can open up several opportunities as well.

“In a world where we are bombarded with texts, notifications, advertisements and other distractions, reading and writing allow us to escape the madness and focus our attention on one thing. If you want to make a change in your life, watching a video might inspire you, but reading a book can fully immerse you in the topic because it gives you time to fully digest the material and reflect upon it,” Mr. Bellini said when asked about his opinion on writing and reading. 

 “Similarly,” he continued, “if a personal problem is cycling in your head, simply writing down your thoughts for five minutes can untangle them and exorcise the demons. 

Mr. Teeple, Mr. Bellini’s student teacher, said: “It has taught me most of the things I ever wanted to know and it has entertained me. I read because I like to be entertained.”

Here at BPHS, we have several classes offered to students who enjoy reading and writing.

Scholastic Publications is an amazing class where students can write articles on Hawk Eye, the student-produced online newspaper.

Some students write about current events, including sporting events and musical events, while others write student and staff spotlights, and even book reviews.

“There is so much happening around us, and we need responsible people to write about it. Journalism is essential to better understanding the world and our place in it.”

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The class also allows students to work on the yearbook and take photos for the yearbook and social media pages.

The Creative Writing courses are amazing here! Students get to learn about writing poems, short stories, graphic novels, plays, and other creative projects.

Along with different electives for writers, there are several clubs as well.

Vernissage is a club for students who love to read and write. These students create a literary magazine full of student writing and art.

Quinlan Reynolds, a current sophomore, who is an active member of this club, said: “The magazine is really a collection of some of the best student-written and submitted works from our school. To me, it’s a way for us to publish works of our own expression.”

“Reading and writing, to me, are what distinguishes us as a species from all other living things on earth,” he continued. “It is our ability to capture thoughts and feelings and communicate them across time and space and that’s what makes them and us special.”

Consider reading the 2022 edition of Vernissage:

The 2023 magazine has recently been released. Hard copies can be purchased from Dr. Youngs or any member of Vernissage.