BP Alumnus Dominic Bianco is a budding author, artist

Dominic Bianco is a 2004 BP graduate and accomplished author.  He has written now two books for his series The Apparition Saga.  

His first book, The Apparition, is about an 18-year-old Angelo Drake who longs for a better life that is full of excitement.  Then one day, he finds himself as a symbol for the people of Pittsburgh when he becomes a vigilante who is in charge of the safety of the city.

The first book had come out on Nov. 20, 2013 and is available at the Bethel Park Public Library and on Kindles for free.  It’s also available in paperback on Amazon.com for $12.95.

His second book in the series is called Rising Son.  It picks up six months after Angelo Drake became a vigilante.  Pittsburgh’s crime rate is down but a new villain is on the rise leaving Angelo feeling vulnerable.  The book is about Angelo’s struggle to fight the new villain who may have been an old friend from his life before.

The second book came out on Sept. 2, 2016.  You can buy it on Kindles for $4.99 and on Amazon.com for $15.00.  

Dominic Bianco also runs a small sculpture business called Creature Creations out of his home.  

Be sure to check out his books and his at-home business.