Soothing Song Sunday: ” Need 2″ by Pinegrove

One song that should be on anyone’s top soothing songs would have to be the song “Need 2” by Pinegrove.

Pinegrove is an American indie rock band from New Jersey. They have been performing since 2010 and debuted their first album “Meridian” in February of 2012. Their second EP was released July of 2013 titled “&,” which the song “Need 2” is from. They have also released other singles and albums since then.

They are currently on tour for their latest album “Skylight,” which debuted September 28, 2018. On March 4, they revealed on tour that they are working on another studio album “Marigold” that will be released later this year.

The band members include Evan Hall on lead vocals and guitar, Zach Levine on drums and vocals, Josh Marre on guitar and vocals, Sam Skinner on guitar/banjo, and Adan Feliciano on bass. Evan Hall and Zach Levine played music together ever since they were 7 years old and have been making bands together ever since.

The song “Need 2,” which can listen to it here, has an album version and a live version that are both fantastic. The song does not have a lot of lyrics and they are simple, but otherwise the song is very chill and calming. It is really good to listen to on a Sunday drive or when you are getting a coffee.

Here is their website if you want to check them out, and if you want to look them up on Spotify.