Top 5 Netflix shows to watch during social distancing


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Netflix offers many great shows to watch during the pandemic.

Social Distancing has been a boring time for all of us who are not suffering from COVID-19. As those measures are being taken for COVID-19, all of us who are safe and well need to find ways to pass this time. Watching Netflix is one of the hobbies a lot of teens have been using to pass this time.

  1. “13 Reasons Why”–  A young high school girl named Hannah decides to commit suicide for various reasons. After her death, her classmate, Clay, finds a box on his porch with recordings made by Hannah. Clay, who had a crush on Hannah, watches the recordings which explain the 13 reasons why Hannah chose to kill herself. A good show and a good mystery is “13 Reasons Why.”
  2. “Tiger King”– A wacky series about a local zoo owner with a bunch of crazy animal adventures. He then spirals out of control with everything going on which leads to some comedic scenes. “Tiger King” has risen very much in popularity since social distancing has started.
  3. “The Office”– If never watched before, I highly recommend “The Office.” It is a sitcom about Dunder Mifflin Scranton Paper Company centered around boss Michael Scott. There are nine seasons of the show, and all of them are great. A slow start, but you will surely not be disappointed. “The Office” is both goofy and serious and a must watch on my list.
  4. “Stranger Things.”– When a few boys’ friend goes missing, they have to try and find out where he went, yet they don’t realize something sinister is happening involving a government experiment gone wrong, which may lead to where he has been. “Stranger Things” has three seasons, all of them better than the last. Mysterious and funny, yet it will also pull your heartstrings.
  5. “All American.”– Spencer James is a rising high school football player and a student at South Crenshaw High, but when coach Billy Baker recruits him to join his team in Beverly Hills, Spencer’s mother, Grace, and his best friend, Coop, convince him to go to Beverly Hills and play for the team. Spencer eventually cooperates and has his struggles along the way, but he eventually fits right in and makes another family in Beverly Hills. “All American” is a great football drama with two seasons and 16 episodes each.