Regan’s Previews: ’13 Reasons Why’

Netflix is gaining a reputation for creating a variety of original shows.  From A Series of Unfortunate Events to Stranger Things.  Now 13 Reasons Why is another show that you can binge watch this weekend.

13 Reasons Why is based on the young adult novel about a girl who commits suicide and leaves a trail of videos behind explaining why.  It’s about a group of kids who all felt that they caused her to commit suicide and they work together to solve the mystery.

The show is produced by Selena Gomez and her mother calling it a passion project.  She had posted a trailer for it on her Instagram and told her fans that she was very excited and hoping that it got good reviews.

The show came out on Friday, Feb. 3 and is starring a lot of new actors including Dylan Minnette and Alisha Boe.

Be sure to check out 13 Reasons Why this weekend.