Ranking all songs on Mild High Club’s album “Skiptracing”


G. Garitan

A photo of Mild High Club performing at a concert on February 15, 2016.

“Skiptracing” is an album released by Mild High Club that was released in 2016. Although it is the band’s second album, it is widely adored by many and often acknowledged as the best out of their total of three albums. 

As a Mild High Club fan, I wanted to take the time to rank all 11 songs on the album based on personal preference.

  1. “Skiptracing (Reprise).” There’s not much to say on this one, considering it’s a reprise and only 32 seconds long. The instrumentals are boring and not enough to outweigh the lack of vocals. 


  1. “Kokopelli.” The only real problem with this song for me is that I absolutely hate the word “kokopelli” and how it’s said in the song. Though I do like the instrumentals in it, especially the electric guitar.


  1. “Chasing My Tail.” I don’t have anything really bad to say about this song. It’s just a little long for what it is and seems to drag on.


  1. “Head Out.” The only reason that this is above “Chasing My Tail” is because it’s only a bit over two minutes long and doesn’t make me want to skip it out of boredom.


  1. “¿Whodunit?” I like the concept of it, but I only really enjoy it around the middle of the song. It could’ve been something better in my opinion.


  1. “Chapel Perilous.” Fun fact, this actually used to be my favorite song on the album. I have absolutely no complaints about it. I love how the vocals and instrumentals sound together throughout the song. For some reason, I just don’t enjoy it as much as the other songs anymore.


  1. “Ceiling Zero.” It is an absolute crime that this song is not longer. If it were, I firmly believe that it would have great potential to be my favorite. I absolutely adore how it sounds and think that it could have been turned into something much more interesting if worked on more.


  1. “Tesselation.” I enjoy listening to “Tesselation.” It provides an enjoyable listening experience the whole way through. The only reason it is ranked lower than the top three is because it’s a song that I can only listen to when I’m in a relatively good mood. The other songs are ones that I feel like I can listen to all the time.


  1. “Skiptracing.” This is a song that I don’t necessarily love, but I think that it’s something different compared to the other songs on the album, so I have a deep appreciation for it. I thoroughly enjoy the backup vocals towards the second half of the song. I wish that it was featured more in the album.


  1. “Homage.” “Homage” also has a different feel to it compared to the rest of the album. It’s a song that often has been my number one in the past, but in recent years has stayed around the top three range. Though, it is another one of those songs, like “Tesselation,” that I feel I can only listen to sometimes.


  1. “Cary Me Back.” Every time I listen to this album, I am always eager to get to this song. It has a very melancholy feeling to it that I love because it makes it a song that is perfect to listen to at any time. There has never been a time when I didn’t like it. I feel confident in saying it is one of my favorite songs. 


There isn’t anything really bad to say about the album in my opinion. There are obviously songs that I enjoy more than others, but that doesn’t make me dislike the album as a whole. Overall, I’d give the album a solid 8/10. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet.