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When you see a girl walking the halls with Worry less, live more written on her hand, it must be Mikayla Haglund.

Mikayla is a junior whose favorite class is Psychology. In fact, Mikayla said, "I want to be a counselor of some sort, not a school counselor, but a counselor."

Mikayla's plan after graduating high school is to go to college somewhere in D.C., but she is worried that may not work out due to the costs. Although she knows she wants to be a counselor, Mikayla is not sure what type of counselor she'd like to be.

Mikayla took journalism because she thought the class would be fun, and she feels journalism is important because it allows the community to know and understand what is happening around them.

Although Mikayla attends no after school clubs and would like to sleep during all her free time.

She hopes to bring her knowledge of the community to Hawk Eye this year. Whether she gains this knowledge from her job at Pet Supplies Plus or from her youth group, well, you'll have to ask her to find out.

Mikayla has six pets and six siblings, a rather large family compared to most. She has three dogs named Cujo, Max, and Roxy and two Bearded Dragons: Red and G. Her cat, Dixie, tops off the list of pets in this bigger household. Being the fifth of seven children, Mikayla is certainly not the first child to come through the school's doors, but that doesn't mean she won't make her own storyline. Her siblings Rich, Jessica, Joe, and Emily are all older than her, but surely that doesn't phase her when she gets to be the older sibling when it comes to Andrew and Aedan.

Make sure you keep an eye out for those articles signed by Mikayla Haglund as she tries to worry less and live more this school year.

Written by: Rachel Craven, Staff Writer

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Mikayla Haglund