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Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

The lights are bright. The stadium is filled. The Marching Band, Bethettes, and Majorettes are ready to perform. On a typical fall Friday night, this--the football field--is where you’ll find junior Kayla Dell.

Kayla is happily involved in numerous aspects of school life, including Bethettes, Orchestra, SGA, and Top 21. She is a passionate, hardworking student who says she enjoys school, and when asked about her favorite classes, answered by saying that, in particular, she prefers music and history. In fact, it is her plan to go to college to become a Music Teacher/Educator!

While still in high school, though, Kayla decided that it would be a good idea to become a part of the Hawk Eye staff by joining journalism class. Why did she choose journalism? The answer is simple! As Kayla said, more or less,“It will allow creativity and the ability to choose topics to write about other than the books we read in school.” It will be something different, a good change of pace.

Along with that, Kayla feels that journalism is important because it is a valuable way of recording and sharing information with others and, while writing for the newspaper here, she hopes to do just that. With Kayla’s contributions, the students of BPHS will remain informed and updated with what’s going on here at our school.

Outside of the high school’s walls, Kayla works at Bruster’s Ice Cream and does volunteer work at her local church. She enjoys taking her dog for walks/runs, as well, and, when asked about some of her favorite things, she responded to the question about “Favorite animal?” by saying that, fittingly, hers is a dog. She added that her favorite food is fruit tarts and that orange is her favorite color.

Overall, Kayla Dell is a smart and spirited student who is willing and ready to learn and to work hard while enjoying all that she does. She is a positive, determined person and makes a great addition to Hawk Eye here at BPHS!

Written by: Morgan McGrath, Staff Writer

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Kayla Dell