Students should have off on Inauguration Day

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

Why do we have school on Inauguration Day? This question was floating all over the halls of BPHS. It’s a valid question considering we are given off on Presidents’ Day and Election Day, and many other schools across the country were given the day off.

On the 20th all over the school, people were viewing the events on their cell phones and Chromebooks. A few teachers were watching the inaugural ceremony in their classroom as President Trump was sworn in, but most classes continued as if it was a normal day.

It could be argued that coming to school on Inauguration Day forced many students and new voters to miss out on witnessing history being made.

It is important for high school aged students to learn about our democratic system considering they are the future of our country. Inauguration Day has plenty of educational value for students, and covering it in the classroom should be considered. 

A day off of school for Inauguration Day could also benefit many students and families to watch history in action and celebrate our new president.

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