‘Moana’- arguably the best film of 2017 so far

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

The story of Moana follows Disney’s newest princess on the journey she had always dreamed of.

Ever since she was a small child, Moana had been fascinated by the sea. Her parents cautioned her and told her to avoid the water, but Moana’s grandmother took a different stance and encouraged her relationship with the ocean. Nonetheless, their island had one rule– do not go beyond the reef.

Taking place in Hawaii, Moana is the daughter of the leaders of her tribe and was next in line to lead her people. As Moana grows older, she begins to feel the pressure of this role and knows that she needs to follow her parents to learn the responsibility needed to lead a tribe.

She stops fooling around with her dreams of the ocean. Suddenly, the food from the island becomes scarce and their crops begin dying. Moana’s grandmother guides Moana to a cave which gives her the answer that she needs in order to save her island and her people. With new knowledge in hand, Moana must defy their rule and travel beyond the reef to go through a series of challenges and tests with a new friend to conquer her mission. The sea had chosen her.

Moana is full of beautiful color and captivating effects. The movie’s soundtrack is moving and can easily get stuck in your head. It is truly another timeless Disney film for not just children, but people of all ages. The sing-along version of Moana is currently playing in theaters.

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