Student Musician of the Week: Abigail Donnellan


Marcie Donnellan

Abigail Donnellan performs with her fellow Bethettes at a football game.

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

Student Musician of the Week: Abigail Donnellan

Abigail Donnellan, a 16-year-old junior, is known for her beautiful voice.

Abbie first began singing around 2nd grade and was a member of the Children’s Festival Choir in downtown Pittsburgh. At a young age, she also took an interest in acting and began participating in children’s plays. Although these are her first memorable accounts in the music world, she says she has been interested and involved in music for as long as she can remember.

Through her many years of lessons, musicals, and music classes, Abbie has picked up a bit of piano but has remained focused on voice as her main instrument. Abbie is both a soprano and an alto in chorus classes and loves having a wide spread range.

Abbie is in Concert Choir and is also a member of Top 21 as of this year. Additionally, she is a Bethette in the high school’s marching band and participates in the spring musical.

This year, Abbie is greatly looking forward to performing in Shrek The Musical, auditioning for PMEA choruses, and traveling to Disney with the marching band and Top 21.

Abbie does not intend to have a career in music but knows that it will always be a hobby and big part of her life.

When asked what her favorite thing is about music, Abbie responded, “Music can express a much deeper level of emotion by just adding some kind of tune. It is a fun and creative way to simply express yourself.”

Abbie uses her voice as her instrument and loves being a musician in this way.

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