Bethel Park Magistrate Building proposed move causes stir

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

Currently, the Bethel Park Magistrate Building is included in the Bethel Police Station on W Library Ave, but recently, Judge Arnoni has been considering moving it.

The borough has considered four possible locations for the Magistrate, but one location in particular has caused much controversy. Plans to move the magistrate building to the corner of Bethel Church Road and South Park Road in the old “Curves” building are about 90% certain.

When citizens of the surrounding neighborhoods heard news of these tentative plans, they had many concerns about criminals being so close to their homes and young children (parts of the property the magistrate wishes to rent literally runs through these citizens’ own backyards).

The Magistrate deals with a large variety of offenses involving civil or criminal matters. Once a week, offenders in police custody arrive in for their hearing. The debate begins when notice of the consideration of a location so close to residential homes along with both Bethel Park High School and Independence Middle School could be threatening to children.

Bringing criminals into their neighborhoods have truly upset many members of the community. People who live on the streets connected to the new possible magistrate building have created a petition, sent many emails to Bethel Park officials, and even alerted the media. These concerned parents and homeowners are encouraging all members of the community to call Judge Arnoni and request the building be placed elsewhere.

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