ATTENTION all student and parent drivers!!!!!

Use proper pick up and drop off locations


A typical morning scene showing traffic backed up on Black Hawk Drive.

Student drivers: Have you ever been inconveniently stopped or even late to homeroom due to traffic build up on Black Hawk Drive? Our high school staff have noticed this issue and want to make the student drop off policy clear.

Dr. J sent out the following email to parents in the District on Tuesday, April 11:

“Good Morning Parents/Guardians of Bethel Park Students: Please be aware that the locations for morning drop off and afternoon pick up are at the Athletic Entrance and at the far end of the building at Purkey Baseball Field.  Please do not drop off or pick up your student in front of the building.  We are experiencing a large back log as well as a safety issue.  I have asked the Bethel Park Police to assist in stopping this unwanted situation.  Thank you in advance for your support and assistance in this matter.”

To clarify, this means that parents are NOT allowed to drop their kids off at the front of the school near the lobby. Parents are expected to drive to the Athletic Entrance path and students should enter through the gym. Another option is for parents to drive to the Purkey Field drop off loop where students should enter through the courtyard. Both of these entrances were built specifically for student drop off and the community is expected to use them.

This clarification is meant to make getting into the student parking lot and entering school quicker and more efficient.

Students, please relay this message to your parents and follow the instructions in the morning going to school and in the afternoon leaving school.

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