Student Musician of the Week: Noah Neal


Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

Noah Neal is a 17-year-old singer and guitarist actively involved in BPHS. Noah has been playing guitar since he was 11 years old. He began singing last year and subsequently made Top 21 going into his junior year of high school as a Bass II. Although his musical involvement seems recent, Noah says he developed an interest for music in the womb.

Throughout his school day, Noah is in Top 21, Concert Choir, and Jazz Workshop and he intends to play guitar in band next year. Noah is also highly involved outside of the music wing where he is a member of SGA, a part of Homecoming Committee, a producer of BlackHawkTV, and a student in Campus Life.

Apart from his school activities, Noah is a member of his church band and also has his own band named The Third Party Candidates. He is also a very active tweeter– follow him @notnoahneal.

Noah has a major interest in film-making which is employed in his job at the Carmike movie theater. His most recent favorite movie is the musical La La Land. Noah would like to go to school to study producing and directing films. Noah says he is fascinated by the way music is used in films to make the viewer feel so many emotions; he agrees that a movie is only as good as its soundtrack.

You can find a lot of Noah’s musical interests on his social media, along with some of his own music as well. Noah is looking forward to making more and more music as 2017 continues.

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