Talented cast set to bring the ogre we all know and love to BPHS

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

Shrek the Musical. The name is sort of a paradox in and of itself. I mean, when you think of this big, nasty, smelly ogre, you wouldn’t imagine him singing and dancing.

This is why we called upon two of Bethel’s most talented actors to take on the role, Daniel Sedor-Franzak and Patrick McCall, who have been practicing since auditions in November to capture the personality of a sarcastic, isolated, yet seemingly misunderstood ogre.

This musical has a hilarious script, fantastic music, and an awesome cast to tie it all together.

The show starts on Shrek’s swamp where dozens of random fairy tale creatures are being left after being banished from their original home in Duloc.

When Shrek returns and notices them taking over his home, he lashes out at them for stepping on his property, but they explain their situation to him and beg him to go to Duloc and negotiate with the ruler, Lord Farquad.

He says yes, after much convincing, and of course, a song.

On his way to Duloc, Shrek runs into Donkey, comically played by Tyler Petrossi and Patrick McCall. (To clear up any possible confusion: Yes, Patrick is both Shrek and Donkey.) No, he will not be playing both at the same time. But yes, the jokes about the possibility of a one man Shrek show are basically never ending.)

Donkey was also being banished from Duloc, but Shrek got him out of trouble. Donkey attempts to befriend Shrek, but he is not interested.

Finally, Shrek agrees to let Donkey travel to Duloc with him because he is lost and Donkey knows his way around. The pair travel together and see many interesting things along their way, but nothing as strange as what greets them in Duloc.

Prince Farquad, proudly played by Geoff McCain and Garrett Hoffman, is a small man with big dreams. Farquad wants to marry Princess Fiona, but she is locked away in a dragon-guarded tower, so he must find someone else to go.

This works out very conveniently when Shrek and Donkey arrive.

Farquad and Shrek make a deal: Shrek gets his swamp back as long as he brings Fiona safely to Duloc to marry Farquad. The two agree and Shrek goes on his way; Donkey comes too.

What Farquad doesn’t know about Fiona is that the dragon isn’t her biggest problem. Fiona, who is being fabulously acted by Adriane Slater and Michaela Isenberg, was actually cursed as a child.

Nobody really has any idea why she’s cursed, but basically she is a human by day and an ogre by night. Fiona is desperately awaiting her true love to rescue her and break the curse, but she has been waiting for 20 years, so she has gone a little nuts.

Will Shrek be able to rescue Fiona? If so, will Shrek and Donkey safely deliver Fiona to Lord Farquad in Duloc? Will Farquad break the curse and be Fiona’s happily ever after? Or, instead, will Shrek and Fiona find their own ogre love and bond over things like farts and meals of fish eyes and bark?

Come see the show at BPHS from March 15th through the 18th to find out! The curtains open at 7:30 PM each night.

Make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand, as the show is predicted to sell out.

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