Madness continues with Final Four

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

In Bethel Park and around the nation, the month of March is full of madness, obviously relating to the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

The tournament this year was set on March 12th, with games beginning on March 16th.

To say this tournament attracts some people is quite the understatement, as this year there were an estimated 65+ million brackets filled out.

As the tournament began, people started predicting whom they believed would be winning on April 3rd in the Championship. Teams such as Duke, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas, and UCLA were highly mentioned.

Chris Lee, a senior here at the high school, responded with “South Carolina” and he was 100% serious even though most people doubted that answer.

Here we are on April 1, and South Carolina will be playing in the Final Four to try to advance to the Championship.

Another senior by the name of Mike Kapusta stated, “Oregon.” He believed in their shooting abilities and thought that with those beautiful uniforms and great play, that they would advance to the finals for the first time since 1939.

Oregon looks to take down the team many thought would win, North Carolina, on April 1st.

The fourth and final team to make the tournament was Gonzaga, which was predicted by Junior Emma Stuebgen. When asked why, she had no true answer besides the fact that she saw the no. 1 next to their name and it ended up working out in her bracket.

With 13 upsets in the tournament to this point, it’s only a mystery what’s to come in the final three games left to play.

North Carolina? Caleb Pierson, Bethel Senior, thinks so. He says that if the Tar Heels play tight defense and shoot above 45% from the field, they will be paying for the Championship.

Who will win? Watch to find out.

South Carolina plays Gonzaga at 6:09 p.m. on Saturday, followed by the North Carolina vs. Oregon at 8:49 p.m.

The winners of the two games will play on Monday, April 3rd in Phoenix, Arizona with a time to be determined.

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