One bite and you’ll want s’more


By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Kayla Dell, Staff Writer

What is better than a warm, chocolatey, gooey s’more? Absolutely nothing.

To say s’mores are a good trend would be an understatement. Consumers have the opportunity to purchase everything from chocolate covered s’mores, s’mores ice cream, s’mores specialty milkshakes, s’mores dip, and s’mores cookies. S’mores are everywhere.

So, how did this beautiful creation come into the world? No one knows for sure who invented the s’more. However, the first published recipe for “some mores” was a Girl Scouts cookie. Loretta Scott Crew, who made them for Girl Scouts by the campfire, is given credit for the recipe. The recipe was then printed in a 1927 publication called Tramping and Trailing.

There are two true ways to make a great s’more.

1. The campfire s’more. This is the original s’more. This s’more gives you the true feel of nature and campfire taste. All you need is graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, a fire, and a stick.

2. The oven s’more. This is an updated, more modern version of the campfire s’more. It is great for a rainy day or for the average person who is not naturally inclined and can’t make a fire. Here’s how to make them: Preheat your oven and turn on your gas stove to an open flame. Use a skewer or metal s’mores stick to toast the marshmallow. Put graham crackers in the oven to warm them and then place chocolate squares on top to melt. After the marshmallows are toasted, combine them.

For any strange human who dislikes the average s’more, do not worry, I have a solution for you too. Try switching out the chocolate for something you like such as a Reese’s peanut butter cup or Nutella. If you dislike graham crackers, try Ritz crackers or even a donut! If you don’t like marshmallows, I’m sorry but there’s no hope for you.

With their crunchy outside, soft inside, and sweet and salty balance of flavor, there is no use arguing. It’s true that s’mores are the perfect dessert

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