2025 Ways and Means to host pickleball tournament


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The Class of 2025 is hosting a Pickleball tournament on June 5 and 6 during school hours.

The class of 2025 is holding a fun, end-of-year fundraiser. A pickleball tournament will occur during the final two days of school, June 5 and 6.

The format of the tournament is a double-elimination bracket, so it will include a losers bracket.

The entry fee is $5 per teammate. Each team will consist of two players. You will be excused from your classes during the time of your games with a hall pass and can return to class when your game is finished.

If both members of the team do not attend the match, then it would be an automatic forfeit. If one person does not attend, the game would continue as a 1v1 match with players switching every fifth point.

Each match will be played to 11 points, but you have to win by two points.

The prizes include a $15 gift card to Rita’s for first place and a $10 Rita’s gift card for second place. There is also a jersey contest. Teams are encouraged to make their own creative jerseys. The winner of the jersey contest will get $5 off at Rita’s. BPHS students will vote on the jersey contest.

Sophomore Ways and Means also note that any teachers participating in the competition will not be provided coverage for their games, but will be provided coverage for the semi-finals or championship game if necessary.

To turn in the $5 entry fee, you can pay in cash or check to Mrs. Durmis in Room 332 or Mrs. Hernandez in Room 204. You can enter via a Google Form which can be found on the club’s Instagram, @bphs_2025, or by clicking here. You can also find pickleball rules and instructional videos. Please list periods that you would be unable to attend!

The Google Form and fees are due on June 2. Have fun, Bethel Park!