Scholarship deadlines are approaching quickly; make sure to get your applications in!

Attention class of 2023! If you are considering applying for scholarships this year, do it now before it is too late. 

As we conclude the third nine weeks, many seniors are committing or already have committed to college. 

Knowing that the tuition for higher education can often be hefty, anything can help when paying off loans, debt, etc. 

Counselor Mike Bruce wants to remind you all that “many of the local scholarships have little to no interest with students applying for scholarships.”

This means you have a pretty high chance of obtaining at least one!

Although a lot of the scholarships may seem unimportant because they are only a small fraction of the cost for a degree, they can certainly add up. 

Think of it this way, how long does it take you, as a 17 or 18-year-old to earn $500? Certainly more than one day. These scholarships being offered require less work than most adolescent jobs and could possibly award you with about $1000!

Oftentimes, the most a scholarship will ask you for is a transcript, letter of recommendation, and an essay.

Mr. Bruce, when discussing these requirements stated, “What do most scholarships require, you ask?  An essay about YOU!  My guess is that many of the students that are applying for a scholarship already have one completed for college.  So the time that you have to invest in applying for a scholarship is minimal.  Not too bad at a chance for a prize of $500 or more, right?”

Many of the due dates are coming up in the beginning of April. If you have any last minutes questions, make sure to schedule an appointment with your counselor to sort everything out.

Many scholarships can be found online through Naviance, or provided by Mrs. Quinn in the counseling office.

Best of luck to all those applying!