DECA delivers at District Conference


Mrs. Smoller

DECA students pose with their trophies at the DECA Conference.

BP DECA students won big at the yearly District Conference on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

The students who qualified at Districts will move on to Hershey.

There were 41 students who received a trophy at the conference and 60 other students who are working on projects in class to present at States.

The students who qualified for States include seniors Sarah Gilliam, the defending ICDC champion Caleb Shook, District three rep Mark Vighetti, Hunter Dorfner, and Jacob Marzina; juniors Ethan Donovan, Grant Eckert, Summer Lewis, Lexi Seese, and Christian McClaine; sophomores Michael Dudjak, Sadie Fedor, Keelan Donovan, Fred Schein, Megan Cunningham, and Sarah Marip; and freshmen Gavin Barzan, Jack Hartman, Mia Coccagano, Ethan Drahusz, Merris Gabel, Addison Hill, Olivia Massari, Marquise Ross, Forrest Shaw, Dam DePasquale, Thomas Donihi, Natalie Engel, Amanda Lincoln, Nick Gasper, Luke Henderson, Darien Palombia, Mason Miller, Anthony Moreno, Ying Zhi Lu, Kelsey Caldwell, Leah Hartman, Cam Kent, Meghan Krapp, and Martina Tatalias.

Congratulations to all of those who placed and those who participated!

Lucia Coccagno was installed as the 2019-2020 PA DECA State Officer. She will serve as the new PA DECA District 3 Rep.

Mark Vighetti who passed the torch to Lucia said: “In the past few months, I have had the pleasure of serving Bethel Park DECA, District Three, and all of PA DECA! I am excited for my successor, Lucia Coccagno, as I know she is qualified and will do great things for PA DECA! I am excited to keep the long-running tradition of Bethel Park DECA Members as State Officers alive and hope that she will do the same!”

The winners and those working hard on their projects will go to Hershey for the chance to compete at ICDC in Nashville, Tenn.

Congratulations and good luck to all the students who qualified!