BP Alumna of the Week: Sara Pyszka

Sara Pyszka is an accomplished author, singer, lyricist, and public speaker with a disability.

Sara has cerebral palsy but she doesn’t let it stop her from accomplishing anything she wants to do.  However, she doesn’t think that it’s something she needs to overcome.  She says that it’s always been a part of her and she doesn’t understand why people praise her for writing a book and going out to eat.  

Sara’s first book is called Dancing Daisies.  It’s a coming of age book about a teenage girl named Brynn who has cerebral palsy.  It’s about her journey and her time at music camp.

Sara’s second book is called Switch the Song.  It continues the story of Brynn but this time it picks up after music camp.  Brynn’s new boyfriend, Tommy, is going on tour and wants Brynn to go with him.  However, her parents want her to go to college.  Brynn must decide between a romantic relationship and a stable future.

Sara Pyszka is a also a singer who has sung the national anthem for two Major League Baseball teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cleveland Indians.  She was able to do it by programming the national anthem into her Dynavox.  A Dynavox is the device that helps her speak. Click here to see an inspirational video about Sara filmed in 2007.

She has also written songs to program into her Dynabox.  She has written songs with Lucas Richman, who is the head conductor of the Knoxville Symphony.

Sara also has a degree from Wright State University in Rehabilitation Services. However, she uses her degree for public speaking to spread awareness.  

Sara Pyszka is a very accomplished alumnus of BPHS who continues to make Bethel Park proud every day.