BPHS Alumnus of the Week: Mike Davidson


Mike Davidson shows off his dyed mustache.

Natalie Coccagno, Staff Writer

I recently sat down with BPHS Alum, Mike Davidson, and discussed his alma mater with him.

What year did you graduate from BPHS?: 2014

Do you go to college?: Yeah, I go to Otterbein University.

What is your major in college?: Marketing and Sustainability Studies with a Minor in Business Administration

Do you have a job?: I work at Bruster’s Ice Cream when I’m at home.

What activities did you do at BPHS?: I was on the lacrosse team and also a frat brother in the making.

What was your favorite BPHS lunch?: Wraps all the way

What was your favorite class at BPHS?: Environmental Science

What do you miss most about high school?: Nothing

Who is was your favorite member of One Direction (RIP)?: Niall.

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