Alumni of the Week: Zoe Zilcosky and Cam Happe


Gavin Campbell, Staff Writer

Dozens of articles have been written by this duo in Hawk Eye history. Let’s see what Zoe Zilcosky and Cam Happe are up to post high school.

What year did you graduate?

Zoe: 2017

Cam: 2017

Do you go to college? If so where?

Zoe: Yes, Duquesne

Cam: Yes, West Chester University

What is your major?

Zoe: Accounting

Cam: Psychology

What was your favorite subject in high school?

Zoe: Art

Cam: Art with Mr. Wallisch

Who was your favorite teacher?

Zoe: Mr. Wallisch even though he’s technically a night school student.

Cam: Mr. Bellini

How has Bethel helped you in the outside world?

Cam: It made me smarter and a more diversified citizen.

Zoe: I’d say Mr. Youngs’ class helped me become a better writer.

If you could change one thing about BPHS what would it be?

Cam: I would say pay cooler kids to attend the high school to make for a better, more accepting environment.

Zoe: riskier.

What was your favorite journalism memory?

Cam: I really enjoyed the time our journalism class won Chick-fil-A party and Kayte Zeiler drank all the buffalo sauce for $5.

Zoe: The water demon article, tales of the John, and attempting to make a rival school newspaper: bphotguys

As one may tell, Zoe and Cam are fun, loving gals and have a bright future ahead of them.

Good luck Cam and Zoe in all of your future endeavors!