Black Hawk Drive needs another crossing guard


John Allemang

The front entrance of Bethel Park High School under an afternoon sun.

In the mornings at the 3-way stop sign on Black Hawk Drive, there is currently no crossing guard to stop traffic in order to allow kids to cross the road.

At 7 a.m. when I try crossing the road, cars aren’t exactly willing to let me cross in front of them to the other side. And with the amount of traffic flowing into Black Hawk Drive, it’s hard to catch a break to cross the road. Though with a 3-way stop sign, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Yet it kind of is.

Most mornings when I reach the bottom of the stairs and it’s my turn to cross, a few cars floor it past the stop sign without even thinking of stopping.  They don’t even think about touching the break before letting me cross.

Their impatience makes no sense to me because they are rushing for absolutely no reason. The only thing these kids do when they make it into the lot is park, rev their engines. eat their breakfast, and scroll through social media until whatever time they feel is right to leave.

Because of people like that, I either have to wait for a break in traffic or wait for someone to give me the OK to walk. But it’s hard to really know when to cross because it’s too dark out to see a hand wave from the inside of a car and nobody flicks their headlights. So it’s basically a stand-still until someone makes the first move.

When that happens, I really start to question why we don’t have a crossing guard there anymore to direct the traffic because there’s obviously an issue.

If certain people would be kind enough to follow the rules of the road and let pedestrians have the right-of-way, then maybe we would not need a crossing guard and this would not be an everyday issue, but until then, we need a crossing guard.